Who is this dude?

He's a Man.. he's a machine .. actually no he's just an ordinary guy.

Anthony Rego (the photographer)

Hi I'm Anthony. Founder of Anthonys Virtual Tours dot com. So I could start this off by telling you about the first camera I purchased and what happened thereafter, but all of that is pretty much summed up in the fact that here I am completely immersed in my passion, because I've never loved and enjoyed doing something more than looking at this beautiful planet through the lens of my expensive cameras and capturing light, colors and details of this incredible world we live in.

I'm not just a real-estate photographer, and whilst I continue to photograph properties across the GTA and beyond, I've also dabbled in many different areas of photography from Weddings, Portraits, Landscape to Architecture. Afterall why not? If you have a good camera and a handful of quality lenses, you are tempted to give every photographic opportunity a shot (pun intended).

Whilst I love Photography and I love being paid for doing something I enjoy, I get the greatest satisfaction knowing that the pictures I've taken have been put to good use. Whether its bringing a smile to a mothers face when she sees her two year old candidly being a child, or a couple remembering a moment from their wedding day. Or a Real Estate Agent successfully selling yet another Property, and herein lies the segue...

You're most likely reading this because you're an Agent looking for a photographer. Right? And you probably have a house or two or even three that you need to put out into the market for potential buyers to come have a look at. Well, this is where I want to be of help to you. It is understandable that you have long checklist of items you have to take care off, and one of those items is property pictures for the listing. Well worry not.

All you need to do is provide me a date, a time, and the property address. Once confirmed, I will be there on time, and do all of the following without you having to worry about any of it:

  • Photograph the entire property inside and out.
  • Create an online presence (a Virtual Tour) for the property, with the picture I've taken.
  • Customize the tour with any additional details you may want.
  • And finally I will send you a "Link" to the Virtual Tour.

All you need to do from there is take that link I provide you and place it on your listing, so when potential buyers click on it, they will be re-directed to the Virtual Tours for that property.

Now of-course you still have complete control of the Virtual Tour. Once you've registered on the site, you will have full administration access to all your Virtual Tours, so you can do any of the following:

  • Customize the order of the pictures.
  • Hide or un-hide pictures on the tours.
  • Add informational captions to any picture you want.
  • Even customize how the gallery is displayed.

For a fair and competitive price you will receive a complete virtual tour package that suits your needs and gives you one less thing to worry about.

If you're an Agent click here to get yourself setup.


How it works: